The Selfcare Pathway
Getting Started
Making Changes
Q1. Control of your Health
Q2. Your ideas about health
Q3. Personal Preferences
Your Results
Your Conditions
Selfcare Options


Are you thinking about eating better, getting more active or fitting in regular relaxation? Maybe you're wondering about joining a class. It isn't always easy to know what to choose and sticking with your decision about making changes won't be all that easy.

Making changes that work for you:

  • are you ready to change?
  • are you clear about why you want to change?
  • do you know the benefits of better selfcare?
  • do you understand the risks of poor selfcare?
  • do you know your priorities for change?
  • do you have an idea about some difficulties you might meet, and what to do?
  • have you chosen selfcare approaches for one of our listed health problems?
  • have you imagined how it could feel to succeed?
  • do you know your change-type?

The selfcare pathway helps you:

  • decide what support you need for successful change
  • choose approaches that suit your health-ideas and preferences
  • assess the scientific evidence that backs up your programme for change (if this is important to you)
  • select one of our online leaflets if you have one of our listed health problems

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